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Monday, 11 July 2011

Supportive community is what keeps public health apart

As I began this journey a week ago, it was an experiment in communication related to public health.  Seems there is some appetite out there and I only hope I can get better.  I do welcome comments and suggestions, or questions that you would like to be addressed.

Today was an announcement of an impending career change.  This blog is related to that change.   It was notable the number of folks that needed to be communicated with, and the large number of notes of thanks and appreciation.  They are appreciated and speak to the closeness of the public health community.  It is the respect for multiple disciplines and the lack of hierarchial approaches that have been hallmarks of public health as a sturctural entity.  These values are unique and should be something that public health workers strive for.

A favourite note of mine is that public health is more than a job, it is a vocation - a lifetime commitment to improving the public's health in all aspects of what we do.  

As I migrate to a new location and new challenges, I may reference such changes in the blog, but this is an extension of that vocation.  Perhaps this will be as personal a note as I will leave.

To my colleagues and friends that I will be leaving, my heartfelt thanks for your warmth, dedication and passion.   To the new challenges and open doors ahead -  let the fun begin!!

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