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Monday, 14 November 2011

Health equity blog, a great new Canadian contribution to be followed

The explosive growth of the Internet Web 2.0 technologies has resulted in an abundance, probably an overwhelming abundance, of real time information designed to inform and stimulate the mind.  Knowledge synthesis, interpretation and dissemination is becoming a speciality itself.  There are many niche’s to be filled to meet the knowledge needs of specialized professionals, and every so often there will be a new and potentially useful niche that gets filled.
Along comes “Health as if everyone counted” blog, written by a Canadian deeply engrained in the international equity discussions. Linked with the U of Ottawa continuing public health education series CHNet-Works (which if you aren’t aware, also worth following or subscribing CHNet home page .  You can reach the blog from the home page as well.  Ted Schrecker is with the Population Health Improvement Research Network with the University of Ottawa and was an active member of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants, so who better to speak about social inequities?
Read his first few postings, and as with any new blog, there is lots of information crammed together that will fill minds with the answers to the very questions that we would like to see.  
Well done Ted. 

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