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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's (and Mother's) Day celebrations - Demographic changes as presented by Dr. Hans Rosling

June 17th is Father’s Day, and the second of the parental celebrations. 

Please take this as a chance to celebrate both Mother and Father's Days and to discuss the changing dynamics of family structure in Canada and globally.   Statistics Canada has special releases on the changing role of mothers Stats Can and Mother's Day  and fathers Stats Can and Father's Day.   Note the very significant increases in dual income families and single income families led by mothers over time. 

For those that have followed the great discussions over the decades on family planning and control of global population growth along with the Malthusian predictions of overpopulation and nonsustainability will welcome recent demographic information. Considerable progress has been made in many countries, with the global fertility rate now resting close to global replacement levels.  

Take 15 minutes and watch the international public health expert Hans Rosling from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute discuss what is happening with population growth, in the latest instalment as it relates to the impact of religion (and income) on fertility rates.   Hans Rosling on religion and babies .  You will need audio to appreciate the presentation.

If you have more time, learn more about Hans Rosling and listen to his presentations, some of which are listed below.  Most notably is the ability to use time trending to display how quickly change is happening globally with demographic predictions for the future.  

200 years and 200 countries   just 5 minutes and absolutely amazing.

Dataset and mindsets – 20 minutes   

His skills as an educator are phenomenal and a learning experience in of itself. 

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