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Monday, 10 September 2012

World Suicide Prevention Day - light a candle for a loved one

September 10th is world suicide prevention day and worthy of celebration.  While significant strides have been made in reducing many causes of death.  This site has touched on suicide on several occasions Suicide and crash of the stock market  Suicide action in Canada .

Statistics on suicide were amalgamated by Stats Can in preparation for the day Stats Can compilation .   Reproduced below is the graphic of suicide rates in the country, and while on the surface the decline is reassuring, the recent economic decline should result in suicide increases that may be perceived in 2009.  Suicide rates are closely correlated with economic vitality. 

Health evidence.ca issued a compilation of articles looking at suicide prevention Suicide prevention articles with Health Evidence   which speaks to the state of the art on suicide prevention, and a relative abundance of information for youth interventions with a dearth for general population interventions. 

Minister Aglukkaq statement is worth noting some of the current actions Minister's message Sept 10, 2012  , including a private member’s bill that is currently in progress and can be found and tracked at legislative tracking Bill c-300 . While the bill only requires a framework be developed and updated, it is progress to making suicide a national issue of concern. December 17th - the private members bill was passed on Dec 14th, both a tribute to the work of MP Harold Albrecht and a memorial to those that have suffered  losses. 
Of note in the Minister’s statement are the added references to which should be added the national resource available at the Centre for Suicide Prevention http://suicideinfo.ca/ 

Great comments arising from the Surgeon General as well Surgeon General and suicide with data from down south.  

Suicide effects all of us .  Perhaps its impact is as well stated by the observation taht the Conference Board of Canada has relevant and timely information on Canadian performance Conference Board of Canada and suicide

The depth of information makes suicide an issue that needs to move beyond description into more rigorous program evaluation and determination of effectiveness.  In the meantime, think of those affected by suicide and remember the families and friends that have been left behind by such tragedies and light a candle in their memory. 

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