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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blogging with DrPHealth - Viewers Choice

Sometime next week, DrPHealth will turn over 10,000 views.  There will have been about 230 posting over the 17 months of contributions, suggesting an average of about 50 views per posting.  Blogspot has gotten better over the year of tracking individual posting views, but the number of tracked views is probably only about half of the views. 

A massive one day surge about fracking, which led to a historic high number of single day views prompted this posting about what do you as the readers say are the most important issues.  

There are some clear favourites amongst readers.  Not only do they have high numbers of views, but intermittently there are surges in activity around a particular posting.  Most continue to have views months after the posting. Except from the fracking post, the most frequently visited posts tend to be over several months old. 

Viewers who subscribe to an emailed version are not counted as there is no listing of the number of persons who receive the blog on a regular basis through email. 

So, here for everyone’s pleasure, are your favourite postings, in reverse order by volume of views. 

Public Health hot topics
Canada`s 2012 Budget - Public health implications
The cost of US medical costs - Financial stress has a health cost itself
The Determinants of Health - moving description into solutions
Tweeting the public's health. Social media as a knowledge adjuvant
HIV progress in Canada – A great public health success story to start the New Year
Eggceptional news: Its no yolk. The myth has been laid
Healthy Build Environment Part 3: Health and social services, food stores and fast food outlets
Social injustice - Attawapiskat, Aboriginal Health and Janus
Hot public health topics worth reviewing: Provincial budgets, low sodium diets, smoking cessation and perinatal indicators

Electronic Health Records - so much spent and so far from achieving the goal
Smart meters –The role of public health in scientific controversy


Hookah pipes – a new generation of smoking hazard

Telehealth: A real public health contribution - or at least a major convenience 

Fracking - Is it an obscene public health word 
The Cost of Poverty in Canada - a potential way to reduce health costs

Thanks to everyone that makes DrPHealth worth continuing to post. 

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