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Monday, 11 March 2013

New York large sized soda ban put on ice.

Big Sugar took a win at the eleventh hour.

New York has been the continental leader in addressed foodborne chronic diseases. The elimination of trans-fats, reduction in sodium intake, and the announced elimination of large sized soda servings.   Their efforts have already likely saved hoards of people across the continent as many major food producers moved to comply with local ordinance in New York by system wide changes.

The ban on large soda containers was to go into effect March 11th at midnight.  Years in the making, but less than 12 hours from execution the public health initiative has suffered a "stay of implementation". Issued by a New York Supreme Court Judge, as a bit of surprise, the American Beverage Association which represents the big soda companies, clearly the ringleader in the fight in opposition.

Read the Atlantic story at Atlantic wire  and the reaction by Mayor Bloomberg at Mayor's response.

No doubt friends in Toronto would like a Mayor that stands behind his convictions and behind the health of the population they serve.

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