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Monday, 27 May 2013

Health Council of Canada 2013 report - not the greatest and perhaps the last.

The 2013 Canada Health Council report is the tenth and possible the last from this group.  Funding was announced as being curtailed in the latest cost saving efforts by the Harper government. While their impact has not been notable, the work is solid and perhaps a few more years might have led to demonstrable change.

One key component of the 2003 accord, was an attempt to put greater accountability of the provinces for the funding that they received.   Comparative analysis of any health jurisdiction seems a hornet’s nest, as while the best appreciate object to the results. 

A shame that the indicators were more of service than of health: hip replacement wait times, cataract wait times and coronary bypass.  No measures of appropriateness are included. 

While the report bemoans the national variation – more striking is actually the comparability across the country.

Measures of access to primary health care are limited to emergency visits to the practice.  There is a good comparison of adoption of electronic health records, but the best provinces are still only at 3/4 adoption.

Public health progress monitored only by the prevalence of obesity across the decade.

A worthy read, but perhaps also good rationale why cessation of funding should run its natural course.

Access the report and other Health Council of Canada materials at http://www.healthcouncilcanada.ca/

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