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Friday, 11 July 2014

Hot times are spreading across Canada

Summer has hit, and it starting to hit hard, and in some places in Canada hit hard.

With all the advice out there on heat some things that just need to be reinforced.

  1. Do not leave children or animals in a vehicle, even for a minute.  While rare they cause the most public outrage
  2. Most heat associated deaths are amongst persons who have difficulty adapting to the hotter temperatures
    1. older persons
    2. some with debilitating chronic illnesses
    3. those that are dependant on others for their care and communication (including infants and young children)
  3. All of us are more acclimatized to cooler air and more temperate conditions.  We can't exert ourselves to the same extent as just a few weeks ago.  In a few weeks from now we might just be acclimatized enough (it takes about two weeks of constant temperature adjustment)
    1. If you live in the Okanagan, temperatures in the mid 30's may be tolerable while on the east coast the high 20's might seem too high, and up in Nunavut, heat related symptoms can start in the high teens.   There is no safe value for all of us. 
  4. Drink, and while water is best, anything will do.  Better without sugar
  5. Take those cooling breaks; swim, have a shower, go to the air conditioned mall. 
  6. Any symptoms are signs of too much heat, there is no sense talking about confusion or coma - do something when you feel the first symptoms. 
One of the most important tasks we can do - check on our neighbours daily, those that can't get out as often.

Save a life, it only takes a few minutes a day during these hot times.  

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