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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Happy Holiday tidings - a time for Public Healthers to reflect on our personal vocations

The holiday season is upon us and DrPHealth wishes everyone the best for the season, however you celebrate.  Be sure to connect with those that have fewer friends than you, live by themselves or in whatever fashion are isolated.  Set an extra place at dinner and take the time to find someone to sit with you, your family and friends so they can share in your generosity.

Canadians are know for their generosity, a giving trend that has slowly slid over the past decade, perhaps in part from tighter finances and tighter pocketbooks.  Throughout global religions a common theme of caring for those that are less fortunate than yourself is pervasive.  Most of use have entered the caring professions with a true desire to be charitable.  At this time of the year take a moment to look into your heart and ask how true you have been personally to this lifetime commitment?

It is a time to relish in the eyes of children, whose view of this vast world is full of optimism, wonder and joy.  Our world will fall to them in the near future, and we will be dependent on their wisdom, leadership and sense of globalism for our personal wellbeing.  Keep those children within your reach filled with hope, charity and happiness - and reach out to those children who if touched by just one silent angel may blossom.

Look in the mirror and ask those insightful introspective questions - what more can I do to be a better person and what can  I do to make the world a better place now and in the future.

Happy holidays to all our friends.


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