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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mental Health Promotion in action: #BellLetsTalk

It is one of the largest health awareness events that we have seen in this country, and credit to Bell Canada and in particular to the leadership of Clara Hughes.  Give that lady another medal for her astounding performance.

Mental health consumers and professionals alike have striven to increase awareness of mental health issues in the country for decades.  It has been the dogged determination of a concerted charitable effort that has finally helped break through the barrier.

Throughout the day innumerable statistics and stories have been posted on #BellLetsTalk, couched in a fund raiser of 5 cents per tweet for the whole day, the attention seems to be coming from all directions and a wealth of information in just the 140 character Tweets.

If you have not done so, contribute a retweet, but more importantly search on the hash tag and scan through the richness that Canadians have revealed.  Just after this posting, Clara Hughes announced that over 100 Million texts, tweets, likes etc had been sent.  Slightly less than last year's record, but really - that is three for every Canadian, an incredible level of engagement. 

We know that mental illness will affect at least one in five, severe persistent mental illness affecting about 3% of the population, anxiety disorders are one of the most common diseases and rarely reported or treated.  The list goes on and on – learn more at #BellLetsTalk

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