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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Celebrate: Canada’s international contribution to public health

Canada has long been seen as an international leader in public health innovation.  While some achievements are quietly celebrated, many are not celebrated for their immense global contributions.
A reminder of some of the great achievements
late 40's through the early 60’s:  University hospital care and medicare - topics for another discussion.   Carried through in the cultural attachment to and defense of the Canada Health Act by Monique begin in 1984.
The 1974 Lalonde Report that introduced the concept that health was more than the absence of disease.  It can be traced to a CMAJ article the year before by a person named Lafromboise.
The 1986 Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion, which mirrored to a significant extent the 1985 government publication known as the “Epp Framework”.
The 1994 efforts issued by the Adviosry committee on population health to the Council of Ministers of Health on the Determinants of Health which built upon years of work on relating health with issues like employment, income, education occurring in Canada and throughout the world, but coalesced the material under the new discipline of population health.
With such an esteemed track record of success, combined with the gains made in the public’s health that have been flagged in earlier blogs – one might wonder why the public health community feels under siege and underappreciated?

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