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Saturday, 24 September 2011

War on drugs - Canadian government once again pushing mandatory sentences

Bill C-10 was introduced into government on September 20th.  It follows the typical government approach of using omnibus legislation to change numerous acts, and preclude substantive discussion on individual issues.
Not surprising, the concept of mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offences has been reintroduced, and with a majority government, expect this to sail through government without barriers this time.   Bill C-10 section 41
This blog has raised the issue previously War on drugs - your wallet is the loser  and certainly groups like the Urban Health Research Initiative have actively led the opposition to previous legislative efforts UHRI home page  .
The supposed intent of the legislation is to enhance the war on drugs, in particular as relates to distribution of drugs.  The effect has been demonstrated in the US and other countries as having no benefit, overcrowding jails, increasing costs for correction services  and not reducing drug utilization.  
Note that anyone caught with five plants of cannabis, has the potential to be incarcerated for a minimum of 6 months if the courts can be convinced that the plants were to be used for distribution and not personal consumption.  That there is an onus to demonstrate intent to traffic is an improvement over the previous iterations of the legislation – but get real. 
It is the fourth time these sections have been introduced in legislation and always with significant opposition.  When will this government listen to evidence and to justice and health professionals instead of remaining stoically entrenched in archaic ideology.

It is time to annoy your MP on this one and raise the bar of opposition.  

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