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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tobacco Control South of the Border - Something to learn from

The American Lung Association recently released a great report on tobacco issues in the US that is worth reviewing US lung association tobacco report card   

The short version is that after years of slow progress, tobacco control has not progressed much during 2011.  No new strengthened state laws were passed and Nevada lightened its requrirements.  No state increased taxes, New Hampshire actually reduced the tax.  Many prevention and tobacco reduction programs saw the impact of funding cuts.

The few gains that were achieved appeared within the federal government’s reach.  New warning lables, expanded cessation benefits for federal employees, and improved funding for state quit smoking activities. 
Seems like the winds of tobacco control are blowing in the opposite direction down south.  

The detailed report provides a great set of metrics by which provincial and Canadian initiatives can be measured.  But typical pan-Canadian initiatives lack the accountability that our American cousins are demonstrating in such a good report.   

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