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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Health Council of Canada has been given its termination notice

The Health Council of Canada has been given its final rites. iPolitics report April 16

Not the most auspicious group, however they did do some excellent work.  If you have not read their reports, they are very worthwhile. Most notable in the last couple of years on chronic disease and primary care issues http://www.healthcouncilcanada.ca/  .  In total their production of a few dozen publications since 2003 are a legacy that likely will only be found on dusty Ottawa shelves. 

With the expiry of the accord on health funding in the country, the federal government has pounded its autocratic fist and advised the council that they will have no funding after the accord expiry next year.   Given that the federal government unilaterally axed the accords, there is no blaming outside of the circle of Parliament Hill.

Some will wonder who the council was? and others may actually think that the loss is unfortunate. 
The questions should be if this is strategically intentional of a federal government that continues to slide away from providing any leadership in health? or is this a consequence of the widespread constriction of federal spending and a natural death?   

Certainly the painful cuts to PHAC likely will have more consequence than the loss of Health Council. 

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