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Monday, 29 April 2013

Public Health Blogging in Canada

DrPHealth was established to provide a blogging voice to public health in the country. The audience is for those in public health as a resource and commentary on public health activities of relevance.  For those that look back at the early day postings from July 2011, it began as a learning experiment that has been sustainable.  The hope is that others would contribute is still foundational to keeping authorship somewhat anonymous. 

Other blogs have come along with different perspectives.  Most notable was the work of Ted Schrenker with the support of CHNET  (who have a large share of the public heath webinar market nationally). 

Ted reminisces in his latest and final blog A change of scene, and a farewell as he moves across the Atlantic, another victim Canadian tsunami of government cuts.   Thank you Dr. Schrenker for your series of the last year.   The posting view rate being several times greater than what this site has achieved. 

Healthydebate.ca runs the gamut of health news, and includes the occasional public health posting averaging about one public health posting a month.

Dr. Monika Dutt has started a blog to match her prolific and well worth following on Twitter @Monika_Dutt . 
We would love to hear about other Canadian focused public health blogs.  Send information to drphealth@gmail.com 

The average posting on this site eventually receives about 50 hits, and on a daily basis 20-30 visits. The blog is also sent directly to a handful of individuals.  

This site is committed to being unfunded, unsponsored and not influenced externally.  Only through your following and promoting its value, does the work remain sustainable.

H7N9 influenza update.  115 cases, 23 cases, 9 provinces in China and first case amongst a person returning from China.  

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