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Monday, 30 December 2013

DrPHealth in 2013 - a review of blogging on Canadian public health

It is that time for the annual highlights.  A recap of 2013

There remains a constant question whether continuing the blog or not has value, and comments from viewers are always appreciated.

Just over 100 posts in 2013 is in keeping with a target of about two posts per week.  Just under 10,000 views within the year is again about par, and viewership continues to slip upwards as the year progressed.  Average monthly views in the last half of 2012 and into January were about 500, that has increased consistently over the last 4 months to nearly 900 per month – thank you. About two-thirds of readers are returning viewers with very clear surges when something gets forwarded and circulated within other communities.  The average viewer loads two to three pages per visit.

Several posts had over 100 specific views with the oil and vinegar of the health system  Public health and Primary Care topping the charts at 165.  Keen interest in the analysis of the New Minister of Health (who by all measures has complied with DrPHealth’s gloomy predictions) and ecigarettes which have split the public health community.  For whatever reason there has been considerable interest in the Cronut food poisoning that challenged some traditional thinking on the time and effort that we expend on food safety from commercial enterprises.  Rounding out the top five is the analysis of the throne speech.  The collective series of posts on the Oil and Gas industry has drawn over 200 views.  A synthesis with links is is the previous blog posting

Prior posts that continue to draw interest include Cost of Poverty, Hookah smoking, telehealth and fracking
While 50% of readers are located in Canada and to whom the blog is targeted, 25% are from the US where cross border comparisons are integral to business and for whom public health issues have no natural border.  Russian followers now account for 10% with an additional  smattering of followers globally amongst the remaining 15%

Twitter feeds and Google searchers account for the majority of entry points for those not accessing the blog routinely.  At over 350 Tweets, Twitter is the largest driver for visitors to the site and surges can be traced back to persons who have forwarded or mentioned the tweets to others. 

At only 88 comments, the lack of reader feedback is a question on the utility of the site.  However, conversations, emails and other feedback suggest there is value in this particular niche analysis of Canadian public health issues.  At least four additional people contributed a ‘guest’ piece during the year and a reminder that DrPHealth is a movement in transparent dialogue for which contributions are welcomed (drphealth@gmail.com)

Thanks for your continuing support and please spread the word. 

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