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Friday, 27 December 2013

Oil and Gas - synthesizing the Public Health Impacts.

Over the past few months, this site brought together and complied information on the oil and gas sector for public health practitioners who may look at health impacts.  The story here began with an item that was getting wide circulation but did not reflect the actual public health risks from the study Oct 28, 2013 study.  It turned into an endeavor to document what is known. 

For those who are interested in going back – use the navigation on the right of the screen to link to the following dates or hyperlink from the date. Both will however take you away from this specific page and you will need to return.

Exploration, specifically fracking                                                    Dec 5, 2013 and Oct 18, 2012
Upstream issues (mining, collection and pumping)                          Oct 29, 2013
Pipeline and transport issues                                                          Oct 30, 2013
Downstream operations (refining)                                                  Nov 4 2013
End user contributions                                                                   Nov 6, 2013
Boom- bust economies of rural and remote development                Oct 9, 2013
Boom economies and the community left behind                             Dec 10, 2013

Specific other linkages of note

One new resource is the Trans Mountain  (Kinder-Morgan) application which includes in sections on human health risk assessment beginning in the 3rd Volume of Part 5c of the application – section 7.5.8 on page 7-242.   It is a prime example of health being “buried deep” in the consideration of the project as the application extends over 15,000 pages. 

This site would like to stimulate further reports on public health impacts and concerns relative to the energy sector in general and specifically the booming oil and gas sector.  Please comment or forward resources that others may utilize.  Those wishing to remain anonymous can communicate in confidence to drphealth@gmail.com  

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