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Friday, 30 May 2014

Canadian Public Health Association - our organization

The Canadian Public Health Association conference is winding down, and looks like it was another booming success. 

Riding high, attendees need to share the glorious feeling and inspire their colleagues to rise to new heights in public health

Despite the elaborate health system we operate in, public health remains tied to a tradition of working for the public’s health, staying connected with communities, treating all public health professionals equally, and applying a level of vigour to policy that other national organizations are just trying to emulate. 

Some highlights of the organization

Through the 90’s much of the organizational success was achieved through international development grants and activities.  When the funding began drying up, the more recent boards and CEOs have accepted the challenge returning the organization to a financially viable and sustainable position.

Membership has hovered around the 1000 mark for it seems like eons.  Challenged by discipline specific organizations who have distanced themselves from CPHA, the collective public health voice has become diluted.  CPHA has advocated for interdisciplinary approaches and high standards of public health professionalism and an organization all public health practitioners in the country should stand with.

Recent changes to policy development have increased the organization’s capacity to respond to difficult and emerging issues in a timely fashion. 

Check out the great history of public health in Canada at CPHA milestones 

Recall the 12 greatest Canadian public health accomplishments at CPHA greatest public health acheivements

Put it all together in the virtual public health tour at CPHA virtual tour 

Most importantly learn about our organization at About CPHA and come join your colleagues.  If you are not yet a member, seriously give it a try.  

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