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Friday, 6 June 2014

Sex and Dying: Health, law and politics

Two stories trending this week with the common theme being governments attempting to provide parameters around health issues.

Nationally, the conservatives have released a trial balloon on the revised criminal code sections related to exchanging money for sex.   This on the heels of a survey of 31,000 Canadians on whom the slimest of majorities (56%) indicated they felt buying sex should be illegal, while of the same group 2/3rds indicate that the sale of sex should not be illegal. Depending on who you read, the government was advised that the survey might well be contrary to current policy directions.

The house was required by the December Supreme court decision to revise sections of the criminal code found not constitutional in December 2013, (see DrPHealth Dec 23, 2013).  One year was provided as grace for the government to response.  Presumably after which the offending sections of the criminal code would be considered not in force. 

Now, when the right leaning National Post writes an editorial denounces the proposed legislation, one can feel confide this balloon was full of lead.  National Post on legal changes  . Given it took 6 months to float this balloon, and the clock is ticking, the government may end up defaulting and not addressing the issues or watch for the sections to be covered off omnibus legislation that the Harper regieme has become renowned for sneaking past Canadians.

Only a few hundred kilometers away, Quebec’s new left leaning Liberal government has been the first to meander into the fray of euthanasia and has adopted an “act respecting the end of life”, and to the credit of Premier Couillard, this is a piece of legislation that has cross party support.  National Post May 30

Expect this one to end up in front of the Supreme Court

Hmmmm – so who is setting health policy in Canada these days? government or the judiciary?

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