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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Guns set to surpass motor vehicle crashes as US cause of death - rather disturbing

One the most disturbing Tweets in some time.  A graphic produced by the US news group Bloomberg based on CDC statistics and tweeted as

Gun related deaths set to surpass automobile deaths in U.S. in 2015. One is on the rise, other is on the decline. From @michaelshermer

The graphic follows, but the message is clear guns have become as big a threat as the traditional motor vehicle, at least in the US.  Much of the change is attributable to improved safety of cars for which the US has been adamant in its expectations of auto manufacturers and  religious at times in enforcement of driving offenses to ensure safety.

How is it that in the face of such evidence, and the contradictions in philosophies behind two deadly human inventions, that the US continues to zealously strive for reductions in the carnage on the roads while just as fervently arguing for the freedom to carry guns and see them misused.

With Canadian gun death rates at one seventh of the US, and road fatalities actually one half the US rate, it will be sometime before the situation becomes comparable.

Worth a diversion to check out country by country death rates by causes at world Life expectancy  There are a handful of causes of death that Canada and/or the US rank globally as high – explore the general trends.     

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