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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Diabetes in Canada - a Christmas present

Were it not for a Tweet the report might have gone unnoticed.  No press releases, no announcements, no email chatter.  Only a little birdie let the cat out of the bag.
Once again a phenomenal resource arises from PHAC that has minimal to no public attention.   Worse, a report on food safety in Canada received more attention from the communications folks and is posted on the PHAC website than the definitive resource on diabetes in Canada.   Can someone please provide some charitable public relations support to our lead public health agency? 
Ranting aside, what a Holiday bonus!  This tome on diabetes in Canada is worth reading every page.   From basic epidemiology through health service utilization, to the impacts on tertiary dialysis and physiatrist services, it covers everything but how to treat the disease.  As such, it is a tremendously valuable resources for one of the few disease conditions that has an increasing incidence.
Some tantilizing teasers to draw you to the website; 
Did you know (because we didn’t)
·         Diabetes now affects 6.8% of the Canadian population.
·         One-third of end-stage renal disease is secondary to diabetes
·         Type 1 diabetes has doubled in incidence in the last decade
·         Inuit rates of diabetes are comparable to non-Aboriginal rates
·         10% of Canadian deaths could be prevented by eliminating diabetes
Put aside a half hour at least before you click to the website  - Diabetes in Canada 2011

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  1. Thanks for bringing the Diabetes report to my attention, Dr.P!
    Happy holidays!!