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Friday, 30 December 2011

Resolutions for Public Health workers - what can I do in 2012?

The list of public health workers resolutions for 2012 are about adopting higher professional standards in the things we do constantly.   Here are some measurable and targeted specific resolutions of things that you as an individual can (and perhaps should) accomplish

1.       Support clients, friends and family in adopting a healthier behaviour through constant applicable of brief motivational interventions.
2.       Volunteer for a partner organization to assist in addressing health inequalities
3.       Argue vocally in a non-work setting for ensuring that the rights of the child and their future global inheritance are protected.
4.       Have at least one challenging conversation about inappropriate prejudicial behaviour by someone you know.
5.       Personally adopt
a.       One healthier lifestyle habit (eg.  less alcohol, less food, more exercise....)
b.      A new environmental sustainability action (eg. Finally start taking public transit, sell that second or third family vehicle, start composting)
6.       Speak to at least one local politician on an issue that potentially could negatively affect the population’s health that you serve.
7.       Write one letter to provincial politicians requesting adoption of a healthier policy
8.       Write a media piece (letter to editor, editorial, on-line posting etc.) that is intended to stimulate discussion on a health issue in your community.
9.       In the workplace
a.       support a colleague who is suffering a health or family challenge
b.      advocate for adoption of a policy to reduce cultural barriers
c.       eliminate physical and psychological barriers to accessing services that are constructed by gender, age or ethnical background.
d.      ensure that harm reduction services are available in your setting
e.      place one prevention item on the agenda of groups that normally aren’t concerned with public health issues
10.   Each month, ask the question, “what more can I do as a public health worker to improve the health of the population I serve”?
11.   Quarterly, review your commitment to staying current professionally, engaging in lifelong learning, continually questioning the status quo, and striving for quality improvement in your work setting.
12.   Start the year by reflecting on your accomplishments and celebrating how much of a difference you have already made to the lives of those you have touched as a public health professional.  Continue the year by supporting colleagues, friends and family in commending them for their positive public health contributions.  

As for DrPHealth the resolution objective is to reach 10,000 views by the end of 2012.  Assist by sending the link to colleagues and friends and checking in frequently.  

Happy and a safe New Year to all

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