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Friday, 23 December 2011

DrPHealth blog - Year end summary, is it worth it?

It has been just short of 6 months since this project began.  My thanks to the faithful followers and to those that just pop in for a special topic - clearly there are both.   Here are some points for amusement:

  • 94 posts since July 3
  • 3799 separate views
    • 88% are from Canada which is the target audience
    • 191 visits from the US
    • 95 from Russia
    • 29 from Germany
  • The most visited postings - Admittedly it was sometime in December that I more correctly linked specific posts to the Twitter account and that has driven up specific page views considerably for the month
    • Social Injustice - December 5
    • Fluoridation - November 1
  • 13 comments, with the infamous Anonymous leading the list.  Only one commentator has used a real name, several have provided personal information in different settings.  
  • While there is one follower, there are no statistics on the number who have linked for routine downloading of the pages and these are not counted in the statistics 
  • On the Twitter account, there are 79 Tweets but still only 15 Followers 
The gmail account has received a handful of additional private communications. 

The main questions for 2012:
  • Is there continued value in the project?   
  • Are there specific topics you would like to see posted and discussed? 
  • How can we grow the site to double the current utilization of about 1000 hits per month?  
So, for your New Year's resolution, please:
  1. Post at least one comment or send an email to drphealth@gmail.com
  2. Forward the site linkage to at least half a dozen colleagues and encourage them to follow
  3. Sign up on Twitter - and the follow @drphealth
  4. Consider submitting a guest piece on your favourite topic  - contact drphealth at the gmail address. 
Happy holidays and the best for 2012, no doubt that public health will be in the spotlight and lots will continue to happen. 

Dr. P.  

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