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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Presents under the Tree - Holiday time public health in the news

Perhaps it is being cynical, but why would so many major public health issues be released the week before Christmas, when media coverage is lowest, few people are in the office, and the material could easily dissipate before it receives adequate attention. 
Do the entire public health community a favour and forward some of the following.  The posting on Diabetes in Canada DrPHealth post on Diabetes report  . 
December 19th posting of the government's response to the investigation into Listeria and food safety system.  CFIA page linking to food safety report (which supports the posting on Santa’s list DrPHealth on political decisions  in order to not loose votes  because of poor  food safety).  The federal government is spending close to a half billion dollars to respond to shortcomings in the system – now if only that was directed to something more constructive but less well measured.
The launch of the European Portal for action on Health Inequalities.  In fairness the launch looks like it was in November, but the Canadian dissemination hit the inbox just hit the inbox  European zone portal on health inequalities. A reminder too to check in with Ted Schrecter's posting on health inequities CHNET blog site.  A deep thinker and great writer also looking at Canadian public health issues.  
Health Evidence posted a nifty review on compressed work weeks and their added value to work-life balance without significant adverse effects.  Compressed work weeks    Perhaps wishing thinking on this writer’s part. Makes for a great exam question
Another gift for the season was the Brazilian announcement on going smoke free for the country Tobacco free Brazil.   Now, if only Canada could move 10 provinces, 3 Territories and 630 First Nations governments to a harmonized confederation approach to tobacco control.  Oops, perhaps the reason why we struggle is more obvious when stated that way.  Related to this is a slightly older Health Evidence review on the effectiveness on smoking control policies, irrespective the date a resource worth linking to. Second hand smoke control policies. 
The cynic wonders if it is just that the communications folks have a breather from the urgent issues and can focus on releasing  the “C” drawer material, or is it carefully timed so that the potentially embarrassing plight of public health issues receives the least attention possible.

Finally, a reminder to check in with Ted Schrecter's posting on health inequities as well.

1 comment:

  1. The non-cynical, ADD procrastinator within me wonders if it might be partly due to deadlinitis -- the inability to finally finish a report (that could be tweaked forever) unless there's a symbolic (year end) or defined deadline.

    Or maybe reviewers that typically hold up publications are clearing off their desks?

    Alas, Dr.P's hypothesis is far more likely.